Burners of humour-fuses unburdened by theme exhibitions and free of casting in the role of self-important old men are introducing a new kind of art imagery on their pilgrimage to Taaborinvuori – Mount Tabor.

The artists whom I have invited all share in the deconstruction of the narrative of art.
Among other things, their ingenious experiments raise rough everyday materials to another dimension, as a result of which even young people who’ve seen it all will gain a positive gut feeling.
The artists have come out of their corner cupboards rummaging through almost all their fear of the dark to produce a flow of experience with a shine and the glimmer of a burning sparkler.
In the summer of 2007 we’ll air and clean the age-old tradition of summer art exhibitions and carry on at full-speed to go under the firs here among the bushes.
So let the summer light make you sombre and find your way to the age-old hill of the Finnish carnival experience.
Here is an exhibition with neither parallels nor nails in the wall.

Harri Kivi

Prime mover of Puska